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Asset Protection Trusts

Pawns and Money


The Law Offices prepares Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (“DAPT”) for clients who desire to protect their assets from potential future creditors and taxes. These Trusts are “Domestic” because they are situated in America. The best DAPTS are trusts based on the laws of either South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska or Delaware. You don’t need to live in one of those states to have a trust based on the states laws. With a DAPT, you can put your own assets into a trust and protect them from your creditors and/or you can put assets into a DAPT for the use and benefit of someone else (children, spouse, etc.) and protect the assets from their creditors. The Law Offices has co-counsel and relationships with Trust Companies in the proper states to allow for a coordination of services. These trusts are effective, legitimate and can be very flexible.


Further, we can prepare Dynasty Trusts which will hold, and protect assets, for future generations.


Please note, Asset Protection is a difficult area of the law and there are generally more variables and more expertise required then a standard “living trust”. Please note, if you have an immediate creditor that you would like to avoid, these techniques are not recommended.


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