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Trustee Breach of Duties – Defense of Trustee


The fiduciary duties imposed on the trustee of a trust can be complex and confusing. The law requires that a fiduciary act with the highest standards of care, good faith and fair dealing, and avoid any and all potential conflicts of interest.


If you are the trustee of a trust and have been accused of mishandling the trust assets or have been served with a petition for removal as trustee, then it is extremely important to obtain strong legal counsel immediately. Addressing the issues with the beneficiaries early can avoid costly litigation.


If you are a beneficiary of a trust and you feel that the trustee is not following the terms of the trust or is acting in a manner which benefits himself or herself over the interests of the beneficiaries, then you have the right to petition the court to remove the trustee and nominate someone who will act in accordance with the law.


The Law Offices of John E. Trommald have over twenty years of experience in defending trustees from incorrect or misguided accusations. Call today for a consultation with one of our attorneys.


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